MennoMedia to stop publishing bulletins, Purpose Magazine amid COVID-19 impact

HARRISONBURG, Va. — COVID-19 has dramatically changed our world in only a few months. At MennoMedia, its effects are causing staff to make hard decisions amid falling sales.

Purpose magazine will cease production after the August 2020 issue.

The bulletin series will also cease production after August 2020.

“Both Purpose magazine and the bulletin series have been near the edge in terms of profitability for some time. The current crisis has forced us at MennoMedia to move up that timeline,” said Amy Gingerich, executive director and publisher.

MennoMedia is the publishing agency of Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. In addition to Purpose magazine and the weekly bulletin series, it publishes books under the Herald Press imprint, other magazines and Sunday school curriculum including Adult Bible Study and Shine: Living in God’s Light (co-published with Brethren Press), and the forthcoming hymnal Voices Together.

In early March, Amazon let booksellers know that it was deprioritizing book sales in order to prioritize sales of health care supplies, food, and other necessary items. Amazon indicated at that time it would not order books again until at least April 6.

“With Amazon making up 46 percent of our Herald Press book sales, that was a hard and fast cut we felt immediately,” Gingerich added. “However, last week Amazon did place a small order so we see that as a sign of hope.”

The Voices Together worship and song collection remains on schedule for fall release with one exception: five audio albums with songs from the collection were to be recorded on Mennonite college and university campuses this spring, with conductors at the schools overseeing that work.

“With students having been sent home from these campuses we are delaying the release of those albums,” Gingerich added. “We hope to be able to resume the recording work this fall.”

MennoMedia sells

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Beginning November 18, 2019, the content available at will transition back to The domain has been sold to an office furniture company. Over the next year, much of the content from Third Way Café will be incorporated into Mennonite Church USA platforms, as a part of a new strategy to promote closer collaboration between MennoMedia and Mennonite Church USA. and will both be down on November 18, 2019 as the transition begins. Watch for to be up again by November 20, 2019.

Third Way Café was started in 1998 to provide online information about Mennonites and Anabaptist faith. Since then, denominational websites have been developed, eliminating the need for a separate site.

Third Way was a part of Mennonite Mission Network from its inception in 1998 until 2011, when ThirdWay Media merged with Mennonite Publishing Network to become MennoMedia. The site first started as

“This is big, exciting news for us at MennoMedia,” said Amy Gingerich, MennoMedia’s publisher. “It’s a change that will allow us to partner and collaborate more closely with MC USA as well as allow us to have a fresh new website that better serves congregations and customers.”

Changes to Canadian Ordering for SHINE and Herald Press products

New website launches on April 1, 2019

Herald Press books, MennoMedia Shine curriculum, and periodicals will be much easier for Canadians to order, beginning April 1, 2019.

Beginning April 1 Canadian customers should order Shine products and periodicals from  This site is brand new and exclusively for our Canadian customers and churches.  Our new site shows prices in Canadian dollars and you will pay in Canadian dollars.  No more conversion fees to US dollars.  You will need a credit or debit card to use the site.

The new website will also have a direct link to CommonWord, where churches or individuals wanting Herald Press books can order them directly. CommonWord is the Bookstore and Resource Centre of Mennonite Church Canada and Canadian Mennonite University.

All orders for Herald Press products should now be placed with CommonWord for faster shipping and best pricing.

We believe the new website and partnership with CommonWord will make ordering MennoMedia/Herald Press products much easier for Canadians.