MennoMedia is the publishing agency for the Mennonite church in the US and Canada. We publish books, videos, curriculum, music, and other media for use in the church and beyond. More information about MennoMedia can be found at www.MennoMedia.org.

With this blog, we hope to share a little bit more about who we really are at MennoMedia. While MennoMedia is a publishing company, it is also an organization and a community with its own personality and stories. We hope to use this blog to share that personality and some of those stories with whoever is curious about MennoMedia, publishing, Mennonites, or even why we chose the title “Making Friends among the Taliban” for one of our books and have a picture of Ted Swartz with a cigar on the cover of Laughter is Sacred Space.

We are creating this blog and adding content to it as a way of sharing some of ourselves, but we would also like to hear what questions you have, whether they are about our organization specifically, or broader questions about the future of publishing, or the difference between the Mennonites and Amish. Consider this an open forum, and ask away!

News from MennoMedia

News is generally posted every other week on Wednesdays, including news from Herald Press, MennoMedia, Shine, and Third Way. Archives will be growing here on Mennobytes.

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  1. good stuff here! Can instructions added–or made more prominent–on how people can subscribe. Sorry if I missed it.

    • Hello Byron,
      You should be able to subscribe to new posts by clicking on the Entries RSS link in the right column on the home page.

  2. I read an article in the Winter 2013/14 Leader and actually saved a copy to use later. I wanted to use it recently and realised pp 14 and 15 are missing. Is it possible to get those? What I wanted to use it for was in conversation with immigrants who have teen-age children with the hope that it would be a starting point for discussion on communicating with their teen-age kids who came to Canada with their parents when they were children and are seeking to figure out how to live in Canada when their parents have an Asian values system.


    • I will see if I can find those pages in our archives and email them to you privately. Thanks for your question and it sounds like you are connecting with your youth on an important and very real issue.

  3. He leído mucho acerca de los “anabaptistas” últimamente y quisiera charlar con alguien de Uds. que me pudiera asesorar un poco más y no se como hacer.
    Les agradecería que alguien se contacte conmigo. Gracias.

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