A century of publishing in the palm of your hand

Anabaptists have been publishing for centuries. The writings of Menno Simons date from the 1500s and Martyrs Mirror was first published in 1660. As readers of this blog likely know, MennoMedia’s publishing history runs over one hundred years.

I began working for MennoMedia 10 and a half years ago. I was new to the publishing industry, and from my perspective, the business still revolved around the production of physical, printed material. Ebooks were just a blip on my radar.

Much has changed since then. The popularity of ebooks has risen as more and more people adopt smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. This change brought about controversy and growing pains for publishers. But it has brought greater access and flexibility for readers.

MennoMedia has been involved in digital publishing for a little while now. But some recent changes make it a good time to reintroduce all of our digital efforts.


New edition of Generation Why curriculum for youth.

Sunday school teachers and church leaders have a number of options of downloadable studies available from the MennoMedia webstore. The products range from adult studies such as the Good Ground series, to the junior youth series Fast Lane. There are also resources for teachers for ages K-6 looking for quick lesson plans. And the new editions of Generation Why are now becoming available on the webstore as they are released. These study resources are all available in PDF format.


Believers Church Bible Commentary series

For many years MennoMedia has partnered with Logos Bible Software to publish digital editions of the Believers Church Bible Commentary series. The Logos software allows for extensive searching and research across the Bible and through the user’s own library. In addition to the commentary series, in recent years many Herald Press theology and historical books have been added to the Logos library. This platform is ideal for those doing research or in-depth study of texts.

MennoMedia has also added various ebook formats to our publishing efforts. Many of our newest titles are available, as are our popular bestsellers like More-with-Less Cookbook and The Upside-Down Kingdom. We have also added a large assortment of backlist books including the Believers Church Bible Commentaries, Classics of the Radical Reformation, the Louise Vernon series, and historical texts like the Complete Writings of Menno Simons and the Martyrs Mirror.


Bonnet Strings (Kindle edition) on sale at Amazon.

You can download these from our webstore or from your preferred ebook seller. We are pleased to announce that our books are now available from iBooks on iTunes, and also from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo.

If you’re a bibliophile like me, you may have some skepticism about ebooks, preferring the physical presence of a book in your hands, enjoying the smell and feel of the pages. You may also be like me and look at shelves groaning under the weight of books, and dread the thought of ever moving them to a new residence!

While I do not think ebooks will ever fully replace the physical book, they do provide a great new way of reading. Quick delivery, space-saving, the ability to easily search the text, and even ways of highlighting and making notes in the “margins.”

Whatever your preferred reading method, MennoMedia has options for you to choose from. And I think we can all admit that it’s pretty amazing to now to be able to carry the entire Martyrs Mirror in your pocket.

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Joshua Byler, Marketing and Sales Manager

Pow! Bam! Radical! A MennoMedia employee’s journey with comics and Radical Jesus


I’ve been a passionate fan of the comic and cartoon arts for as long as I can remember. I grew up reading everything from Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes to the adventures of superheroes, and spent a lot of my free time doodling my own creations and telling stories from my own imagination. I even learned a great deal of the Bible stories I knew at that age from a series of comic book adaptations that my grandparents owned, and that I read over and over.

As I grew older, I was introduced to a whole other world of comics–people telling stories that spanned from current events studies like Joe Sacco’s Palestine to gripping personal narrative like Art Spiegelman’s Maus or Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis.

The great joy for me in reading comics is their ability to capture both the fantastic and the very personal. The combination of art and text allows for powerful storytelling that is unique to the medium.

So, when I learned that Herald Press had received a proposal for a graphic novel that connected Jesus’ social message to stories throughout history, I was very excited. The proposal was brought to us by Sandra Sauder and Paul Buhle, and they had recruited three accomplished comic artists in Sabrina Jones, Gary Dumm, and Nick Thorkelson to help with the project.


Radical Jesus front cover. Artwork by Sabrina Jones

Sandra and Paul’s vision for the Radical Jesus project came from the desire to find a way of telling stories of faith in a format that could reach a youth audience. They planned for three sections–”Radical Gospel,” stories from Jesus‘ ministry; “Radical History,” telling stories from the Radical Reformation through abolition; and “Radical Resistance,” which would cover stories from abolition through the Civil Rights movement and of modern peace and justice activists from around the world.


A sample page from Part 1 of Radical Jesus. Artwork by Sabrina Jones.

I was invited to take part in an early meeting discussing the book proposal. That meeting took place in Cleveland in September 2011. During that day, Amy Gingerich, Paul Buhle, Sandra Sauder, Gary and Laura Dumm, and I began planning the scope of the book and started a list of stories to include.


A portion of the Dirk Willems story. Artwork by Gary Dumm.

There was quite a bit of dialogue still to follow as we narrowed down the selection of stories. Soon after, the process was started of writing scripts, editing, re-writing, further editing, seeing initial designs and sketches, and at last watching as final pages arrived from the artists.

This was a new process for all of us at MennoMedia. Comic books have not been our traditional market! But Paul and the artists were gracious in working with us. And the final product reflects the amount of hard work that was put into it by everyone involved. It is a beautiful book, and stands out as a unique piece in our long Mennonite publishing history.


“Radical Resistance” and Martin Luther King, Jr. Artwork by Nick Thorkelson.

While Radical Jesus is intended as an introduction for youth, I would strongly encourage readers of all ages to give it a chance. Even if you have no familiarity with this genre, I think the book has much to offer anyone interested in how Jesus‘ radical message has made a dramatic impact throughout history.

When I was spending my days as a youth scouring the comics pages, I never imagined I would someday get to be part of telling the stories of my Anabaptist heritage in the art form I love so much. It was a great thrill for me to have been involved in this special project. And I hope as readers that you will enjoy being able to experience these remarkable stories in a fresh and exciting new way.



Joshua Byler is Marketing and Sales Manager for MennoMedia, and still dreams of having the power of flight.



If you’re interested in more about Radical Jesus and are in the New York City area on Sunday, November 17, please check out this event at the 15th Street Friends Meeting. It starts at 12:30pm and is hosted by artists Sabrina Jones and Nick Thorkelson, who will discuss the book. Get your books signed by the artists!