Plain Mennonite reveals her life as Anything but Simple

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July 12, 2017
Plain Mennonite reveals her life as Anything but Simple
Educator offers first-hand account in new memoir

HARRISONBURG, Va.—What is it really like to be a single, plain Mennonite woman in today’s society? It may seem like the simple life, but Lucinda J. Miller would tell you it is more complicated than it looks. The young schoolteacher gives a first-hand account of her “Plain” life in a new memoir Anything but Simple: My Life as a Mennonite (Herald Press, July 25 2017).

Lucinda J. Miller wears long dresses and a prayer covering, like her grandmother, and she knows a lot about cooking and making do with what you’ve got. But she uses a cellphone and posts status updates on Facebook. Miller details her struggle between the two worlds, plain and modern, with honesty, revealing a world few outsiders will ever see.

“If not a completely simple world, ours is at least a safe one,” Miller says. “It is only when I step outside my safe Mennonite world and into larger American culture that life gets screwy and confusing.”

With a saucy tongue and a roving curiosity about the world, Miller details her rich church tradition, lively family life, inner struggles, and longings for a meaningful future within her Mennonite faith. The book includes “A Day in the Life of the Author” and “FAQ about the Amish and Mennonites”.

“In a charming, folksy style, Lucinda Miller strips away the layers of gloss that have been applied to conservative Mennonites and Amish in unrealistic romance novels and paints an accurate word picture of real Mennonite life,” says author Romaine Stauffer.

Lorilee Craker, New York Times bestselling author of Money Secrets of the Amish writes, “Lucinda J. Miller is the kind of writer readers dream of: engaging, literary, and openhearted.”

Anything but Simple is book 5 in the Herald Press Plainspoken series, launched in light of Amish novels and television shows which offer their own accounts of Amish and Mennonite life. Some of these messages are sensitive and accurate, but many are flat-out wrong. Through Plainspoken, readers can learn what Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite life looks and feels like—from the inside out.

Lucinda J. Miller is a writer, teacher, blogger, and member of a conservative Mennonite community in Wisconsin. She teaches elementary school at the Sheldon Mennonite Church, and her writing has appeared in Daughters of Promise and Red Cedar Literary Journal. Her children’s book, The Arrowhead, is forthcoming from Christian Light Publications. Connect with her at

To schedule an interview with Lucinda Miller, contact LeAnn Hamby at (540) 908-3941 or To watch a video of Lucinda telling about writing this book, check:

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Three books in four new translated versions/Tres libros presentan cuatro nuevas traducciones

Notice: News release is in English and Spanish. Spanish included below.

June 21, 2017 – News Release

Three books in four new translated versions

Anabaptist Essentials, The Forgotten Ways, and Love in a Time of Hate published

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Herald Press published four new translations in June 2017. Two of these translated volumes are in Spanish, one is in French, and one is in English (from German).

Grants from the Schowalter Foundation and other donors made possible the translation of Palmer Becker’s newest book, Anabaptist Essentials: Ten Signs of a Unique Christian Faith (published January 2017), into Spanish: La esencia del anabautismo: Diez rasgos de una fe cristiana singular, and French: L’essentiel anabaptiste: Dix signes d’une foi chretienne unique. The books were translated by Cristina Horst and Aletha Stahl, respectively.

Becker’s pamphlet What Is an Anabaptist Christian? was published by Mennonite Mission Network in 2008 and has been translated to 20 languages, with more than 25,000 copies in print. Becker’s new book, Anabaptist Essentials, is an expansion of this popular pamphlet. The book and its translations offer a succinct summary of core Anabaptist faith commitments and include diagrams and discussion questions.


“French and Spanish were chosen for the first translations of this new volume in order to have the book available in the three primary languages of Mennonite World Conference,” said Russ Eanes, executive director of MennoMedia and Herald Press. The Spanish and French versions will be available at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando, Florida, in July.

In addition, Eanes, who handles foreign rights for Herald Press titles, arranged for the second edition of Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating Apostolic Movements (Brazos Press, 2016) to be translated from English to Spanish, with Marvin Lorenzana serving as translator. The Spanish version is called Caminos olvidados: Reactivando los movimientos apostolicos.

Finally, Love in a Time of Hate: The Story of Magda and André Trocmé and the Village That Said No to the Nazis is a translation of a book by German journalist Hanna Schott first published in Germany by Neufeld Verlag in 2012. Telling the story of Le Chambon, a village that sheltered thousands of Jews during World War II, this volume was translated into English by John D. Roth and includes historical photographs.

All of these titles are available from MennoMedia at various prices from 800-245-7894 or at, Amazon, and other online sources.


Junio 21, 2017 – Comunicado de prensa

Tres libros presentan cuatro nuevas traducciones
Publicaciones: La esencia del anabautismo, Caminos olvidados, y Love in a Time of Hate

HARRISONBURG, Virginia. —Herald Press ha publicado cuatro nuevas traducciones de sus publicaciones en junio de 2017. Dos de estas versiones traducidas están en español, una en francés, y una en inglés (traducida del alemán).

Subvenciones de la fundación Schowalter y de otros donantes hicieron posible la traducción del libro más nuevo de Palmer Becker denominado, Anabaptist Essentials: Ten Signs of a Unique Christian Faith (publicado en enero de 2017), al español y se titula: La esencia del anabautismo: Diez rasgos de una fe cristiana singular; y al francés, denominándose, L’essentiel anabaptiste: Dix signes d’une foi chretienne unique. Estos libros fueron traducidos por Christina Horst y Aletha Stahl, respectivamente.

El panfleto de Becker denominado “¿Qué es un cristiano anabautista?” fue publicado por la Red Menonita de Misión en 2008 y ha sido traducido a 20 idiomas con más de 25 mil copias impresas. El nuevo libro de Becker, La esencia del anabautismo, es una ampliación de este panfleto popular. El libro y sus traducciones presentan un resumen conciso de los compromisos esenciales de la fe anabautista e incluye diagramas y preguntas para el diálogo.

“Se eligió el francés y español para las primeras traducciones de este volumen para que estas publicaciones estén disponibles en los tres idiomas principales de Congreso Mundial Menonita,” dijo Russ Eanes, director ejecutivo de MennoMedia y Herald Press. Las versiones en español y francés van a estar disponibles en la convención de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. que se llevará a cabo en Orlando, Florida, en Julio.

Además, Eanes, quien está a cargo de los derechos internacionales de las publicaciones de Herald Press, ha organizado la traducción de la segunda edición del libro de Alan Hirsch titulada The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating Apostolic Movements (Brazos Press, 2016) del inglés al español el cual va a ser traducido por Marvin Lorenzana. La versión en español se titula Caminos olvidados: Reactivando los movimientos apostólicos.

Finalmente, la obra Love in a Time of Hate: The Story of Magda and Andre Trocmé and the Village That Said No to the Nazis es la traducción de un libro en alemán escrito por una periodista alemana Hanna Schott y fue publicada por primera vez en Alemania por Neufeld Verlag en 2012. El libro cuenta la historia de Le Chambon, una aldea que acogió a miles de judíos durante la segunda guerra mundial, este volumen fue traducido al inglés por John D. Roth e incluye fotografías históricas.

Todas estas obras están disponibles en MennoMedia con distintos precios, también llamando al 800-245-7894, y en y otras tiendas en internet.




Six-session handbook released to accompany Smart Compassion

News Release 
May 31, 2107

Six-session handbook released to accompany Smart Compassion
Tools for moving beyond random acts of kindness

HARRISONBURG, Va. — A new handbook to complement Wesley Furlong’s book Smart Compassion: How to Stop “Doing Outreach” and Start Making Change has been released this May. The six-session guide includes Scriptures, discussion questions, prayer prompts, diagrams, and practical action points for engaging in a community and helping families and neighborhoods to flourish. The study guide also features QR codes that lead readers to web-based resources such as tools for community mapping and strengths-based assessments.

The study guide will help churches, ministry teams, small groups, and individuals go from “doing outreach” to embodying healing presence, living out radical hospitality, and working toward collective empowerment. Designed to be used along with Furlong’s Smart Compassion (Herald Press, February 2017), the 80-page study guide includes these six sessions:

  1. What Should We Expect?
  2. The Posture of Compassion
  3. The Gift of Attention
  4. Boundary-Shifting Love
  5. Spend Yourself Well
  6. To What End?

Steve Corbett, coauthor of When Helping Hurts, says that Furlong’s work is “built on important and well-recognized principles” and “provides pathways and inspiration to move us to be with and walk with people.” Minister and civil rights activist John M. Perkins says of Smart Compassion: “Don’t read [it] if you want your church to remain safe and comfortable. Read it if you want to fully immerse yourself in God’s plan for mercy, justice, and healing in your neighborhood.”

Both books are available from Herald Press at 800-245-7894 or Smart Compassion is available for $15.99 USD ($12.99 USD ebook; $28.99 USD hardcover), and the handbook is $9.99 USD. Discounted rates for bulk orders are available.

Wesley Furlong is the founder and director of City of Refuge, a network for community transformation, and the director of church development for EVANA, an evangelical Anabaptist network of churches across North America.

To schedule an interview with Wesley Furlong, contact LeAnn Hamby at (540) 908-3941 or