Leader Magazine provides free resources to assist churches

HARRISONBURG, Va.—To help meet the needs of congregations amid a global pandemic and time of racial reckoning, MennoMedia is releasing a COVID-19 issue of Leader magazine and offering a webinar on anti-racism, the latest in a series of new webinars.

“In mid-March, MennoMedia offered curriculum and periodicals digitally as a way to help churches meet an immediate need. Since then we’ve undertaken a larger process of reimagining the future with new products and webinars to the meet the ever-changing needs of churches,” said Amy Gingerich, executive director and publisher at MennoMedia. “Ours is a ministry of proclamation. We proclaim the gospel through publishing, and we at MennoMedia want to be part of what’s sustaining your congregation at this time.”

Leader magazine, published by MennoMedia, is releasing a free, extra edition of the publication digitally that is focused on COVID-19. Normally Leader magazine publishes quarterly in print and is available only to subscribers. However, this new digital edition is available for free to anyone. It’s an extra edition, making it the fifth issue this year for the normally quarterly publication.

The free digital issue of Leader Magazine contains articles and resources to help address pressing questions facing our churches. How can our Anabaptist biblical interpretation, faith, and practice inform a long-term strategy for ministry and mission for such a time as this? Articles are written by pastors and practitioners from the U.S. and Canada on topics including trauma and grief, how to keep church members connected, and pandemic pastoral care for marriages, among others.


Download the free issue at one of the following links:


Leader magazine started a monthly webinar series in May.

“These webinars grow out of the ‘practical, effective, Anabaptist’ tagline that’s core to the vision of Leader magazine. Subscribers know and value the content in Leader magazine, and creating these Adaptive Church webinars is a way to step up and make sure we are providing fresh content to meet the needs of churches,” Gingerich added.

“Expanding Our Witness: Equipping Ministry for Anti-Racist Change” is the next Adaptive Church webinar series at 2 p.m. ET Thursday, July 9. Important conversations around race have started with renewed vigor on national and global stages after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others. This webinar will focus on the perspectives of Black and African American communities that have been crying out “no justice, no peace.” To register for the free webinar, visit bit.ly/ExpandingOurWitness.

Previous Adaptive Church webinars have focused on preaching to the screen and pastoral care at a distance. Recordings of those webinars are available on MennoMedia’s YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/mennomedia.

“The world is changing fast and we want to help churches flourish during this time,” Gingerich added.





COVID-19 claims author Jim Atwood

Beloved gun-control advocate passes after battling virus


HARRISONBURG, VA — Jim Atwood, well-known gun-control advocate and author of the recent Herald Press title Collateral Damage, died at 4:30 this morning due to COVID-19 complications. He was surrounded by his family at Sunnyside Hospice in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Atwood was pastor emeritus of Trinity Presbyterian Church of Arlington, Virginia. A leader in the faith-based movement for good gun laws, he served as chair of the anti-gun violence group Heeding God’s Call of Greater Washington, interfaith coordinator of the Million Mom March, and a member of the National Committee of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

Earlier this week on June 24, Presbyterian Church USA awarded Atwood a Crystal Teardrop Award for his work to end gun violence.

“Jim was a delight and joy to work with,” said Amy Gingerich, publisher and executive director at Herald Press. “We at Herald Press are honored to have published his last book on such an important and timely topic. Jim was tireless in his pursuit of ending gun violence and his words brought together practical insights and deep theological concern.”

Atwood believed the church should get involved in ending gun violence. “It always gets my dander up when people say the church ought to stay out of a political issue and as a spiritual community, we should stay out of that,” he said in an interview with PC(USA). “Over 150 years ago, that’s how we treated slavery, that it was not a religious or biblical concern, it was an economic and political issue and we bought into that.”

Atwood said there is nothing more spiritual than a human being who is made in the image of God.

In an online statement, Atwood’s family said, “We, Roxana, David (Harry) and Mebane, were by his side and were able to say our final goodbyes and how much we loved him.  The last 48 hours were extremely difficult for him and for us.  We are relieved that his suffering and pain are over.”

Atwood began suffering with chronic back pain in September and tested positive for COVID-19 on June 3.

For more information, contact LeAnn Hamby at (540) 908-3941 or LeAnnH@mennomedia.org.

Shine adds digital curriculum for Fall

Publisher offers options for maintaining Christian formation during pandemic

HARRISONBURG, Virginia — Shine is helping congregations provide Christian formation while maintaining social distancing. With most churches either relying on parents to teach their own children, or hosting online Sunday School classes, Shine is stepping in to provide downloadable options to assist struggling leaders through the changing landscape. Shine is offering useful resources to accommodate multiple formats to launch alongside the new Fall curriculum.

“It may be some time before we know what worship and faith formation will look like in the future,” said Joan Daggett, Shine project director. “We have curriculum pieces that are well suited for such a time as this. What we have to do is show churches how to use them.”

Beginning June 19, Shine will debut two new digital resources: Shine at Home and Shine Connect. These digital resources are being offered to help congregations offer faith formation in online and at home settings.

Shine at Home is a new, simple option for families to do at home if congregations are not resuming regular Sunday school this fall. Shine at Home includes weekly mini-sessions, complete with a prayer practice, ideas for sharing the Bible story, questions and conversation prompts, media suggestions, and four activities that help kids and families explore the Bible story. Use with Shine’s storytelling, music, and student resources for a fun learning experience at home.

Shine at Home is now available for preorder and will be released August 1 as a downloadable PDF to email to all the families in the purchasing congregation. The retail price is $20.99 USD.

Shine Connect is a new free resource for those faith formation teachers leading children through online Sunday school sessions. Shine Connect materials are included for free with the purchase of any Shine teacher’s guide starting with Fall 2020 materials. Shine Connect for Early Childhood includes a two-page outline and tips for creating fun, online sessions for preschoolers using the activities in the teacher’s guide and storytelling pictures in the Resource Pack. A more robust guide with weekly online session plans for Elementary children accompanies the Primary, Older Elementary, and Multiage teacher’s guides. Shine Connect for Junior Youth provides a simple framework and tips for facilitating discussion around the Bible story and connecting via the at-home devotional, Quest. These free materials will become available when the fall curriculum ships on July 1, 2020.

“Shine staff continues to monitor the needs of churches and welcomes feedback and suggestions as we move forward,” Daggett says. “Our goal is to help churches keep connections strong with their children, youth, and families during these challenging times.”