Exploring Abundant Faith: Herald Press releases women’s Bible study series

BountifulHeartsJanuary 13, 2016
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Exploring Abundant Faith
Herald Press releases women’s Bible study series

HARRISONBURG, Va., and KITCHENER, Ontario—Courage. Generosity. Abundance. These and other positive aspects of Christian faith are explored in the new Herald Press women’s Bible study series, Abundant Faith.

Herald Press has released four titles in this new study series. Using Abundant Faith as a guide, women can revitalize their faith and connect with God and each other through theme-centered studies that relate to everyday life. Each of the four titles includes 12 Bible study sessions and one closing worship service.

Money is the new “taboo topic,” some say. Bountiful Hearts opens the Scriptures as they talk about money and what we should do with it. The Bible shows us money through God’s eyes—on loan to us, and to be used as a blessing for all. This study helps readers explore the temptations of money, and how we can use money to reflect God’s bountiful sharing.

Courageous Women uncovers stories of biblical women who were unflinching in the face of difficulty. From the Old and New Testaments, the author draws stories both familiar and less familiar of women following God faithfully. These women speak boldly, seek justice, and prove themselves brave partners and friends in faith. Their inspiring stories are a biblical foundation modern Christians can turn to when facing the challenges of the day.

God is the great Giver. Generous Gifts is the third book in the Abundant Faith series. God’s lavish generosity in creation, healing, and relationships becomes an example to us. In gratitude, we join with God to offer healing and hope. Each chapter of the study considers one of God’s gifts: the Spirit; freedom; the spiritual gifts; grace; and more. The book offers opportunities for Bible study participants to together look at ways to share these divine gifts with others.

To offer supportive care to others, we first need to care for ourselves. Wonderfully Made uses the Bible as resource as participants consider how to care for their bodies, minds, and spirits. Chapters such as “Walk in the Way,” “Rest for Your Souls,” and “Seek Wisdom” lead into discussions of faith-centered personal wholeness and right living.

Each of these paperbacks come from earlier Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada Women’s Bible studies and are now being offered beyond the Mennonite churches. They are available for $9.99 USD/$11.99 CAD, with more information and ordering available at 800-245-7894 or at www.heraldpress.com.

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New Bible study released: Spark: Igniting Your God-Given Creativity

Spark_StudyGuide_RGBEditedWebNews release
July 16, 2015

Women’s Bible study to nurture the creative spirit

HARRISONBURG, Va., and KITCHENER, Ontario — A new women’s Bible study book, Spark: Igniting Your God-Given Creativity, has been published by MennoMedia, commissioned by Mennonite Women Canada (MW Canada) and Mennonite Women USA (MW USA).

The study is designed to help users rediscover the joys of being created in God’s image and nurture their own creativity. “We hope that women will take a look at stories of God as the original Artist, and be encouraged to develop their own creativity as a divine gift,” says Mary Ann Weber, managing editor for the Women’s Bible Study series.

Written by April Yamasaki in consultation with MW Canada and MW USA, the study is one in a series of Bible studies commissioned by the women’s groups, including studies on justice, self-care, family care, creation care, stewardship of money, stewardship of gifts, and biblical women.

Yamasaki is a pastor at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbottsford, British Columbia,AprilYamasaki who enjoys expressing her love of Scripture and creativity in worship and preaching.

Twelve sessions and one worship session highlight biblical stories of God’s creative Spirit at work. Beginning with the creation story, the study delves into the creativity God demonstrated during the creation of the world and leads readers into how they can rekindle their own creativity in their daily lives.

Users will look at Scripture as a God-breathed work of creativity, to Jesus as a creative artist through interactions and storytelling, to discovering that the Holy Spirit inspires creativity for the common good. “Readers will grow in their understanding of how they can make creativity a way of living,” notes Amy Gingerich, editorial director for MennoMedia. “The study will help readers better connect with God—the source of creativity.”

Each session brings biblical texts to life, encouraging readers to uncover, develop, and embrace the gift of their own creativity. Sessions include Scripture, suggestions for a visual to aid reflection and stimulate the senses, a section to dig deeper into the text, a series of questions integrating the story with personal experience, and suggestions for session closings. The study concludes with a creative celebration of worship. All sessions are organized into one book for women’s groups, Sunday school, or individual study. A separate retreat kit is also available.

Author Yamasaki is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Regent College. She writes a blog about faith and writes and leads retreats on spiritual practices, faith, work, rest, and Christian living. She is also the author of Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal, published by Herald Press in 2013, among other works.

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