Taste-Tested and Approved! Winter Squash Bars from Simply in Season

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By Jerilyn Schrock

Fall is here!
You can feel it in the crisp, cool morning air
and see it in the golden tint of the leaves.

We’re starting to think of hot cider and fresh baked goods;
warm sweaters and bonfires.

The pumpkins are ripening and harvest season is winding down.

This season, I seem to have an overabundance of pumpkins and squash, so I turned to Simply in Season Tength Anniversary Edition cookbook, which did not disappoint!SIScover2015

A marketing co-worker, Josh Byler, brought in some Winter Squash Bars (p. 267) a few weeks ago and we all highly approved, so here’s the next recipe I plan to make. You can use any of a variety of winter squashes, more info here.


Winter Squash Bars

Moist and not too sweet. These bars freeze well.

2 cups / 500 ml winter squash or pumpkin, cooked, puréed
1 1/2 cup / 375 ml sugar
3/4 cup / 175 ml oil
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon salt


1 cup / 250 ml flour
1 cup / 250 ml whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon



Yields 24 bars


There are so many great pumpkin and squash recipes in this book!
Let us know which one is your favorite.

Remember, Simply in Season also makes a great Christmas gift. The recipes are year-round, and every time someone cooks out of the book may they think fondly of the giver and perhaps bless them with a prayer.

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Happy baking!

Jerilyn Schrock
Sales and Marketing Manager
Herald Press Division

Photos by staff


Gather around the Amish Table shares recipes and stories from Plain life

GatherAroundTheAmishTableNews release
August 19, 2015

Updated Herald Press cookbook adds recipe photography

HARRISONBURG, Va. and KITCHENER, Ontario.—“It’s one of the blessings of life to share ourselves with each other.” So writes Old Order Mennonite compiler Lucy Leid in her introduction to Gather around the Amish Table, a cookbook released by Herald Press in August.

Gather around the Amish Table is an updated edition of Leid’s previous compilation, Countryside Cooking & Chatting released by Herald Press back in 2006. In light of the perennial popularity of Amish and Mennonite cookbooks, editors updated and retitled Countryside Cooking & Chatting, added new full color photography, and retested and revised recipes.

Originally Leid gathered recipe submissions and stories for the book project via Die Botschaft, a weekly periodical popular in her community as well as other Mennonite and Amish communities across the United States. In the book’s introduction, she describes her goal in the creation of the book: “There are so many cookbooks around, but I wanted a cookbook with stories in it, too, with the kinds of sharing I enjoy from Die Botschaft.”

Recipes vary from family sized dishes to the 120 pies and 50 pounds of roast beef required for a barn-raising. Accompanying the recipes and simple step-by-step instructions are stories submitted by the same cooks who shared their recipes.

14-07-10 Amish Cookbook-65 14-07-10 Amish Cookbook-57Leid has included her own kitchen tips spread throughout Gather around the Amish Table, from adding wheat germ to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches healthier to suggestions about how to use water left over from boiling eggs.

Melissa Engle was food photographer with Cherise Harper serving as food stylist. The two women also worked on recent Herald Press cookbook updates: Mennonite Community Cookbook 65th Anniversary Edition, Extending the Table Revised Edition, and Simply in Season 10th Anniversary Edition.

Leid lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where she and her husband run an evergreen nursery and belong to a local Old Order Mennonite church community, the Groffdale Conference, and use horse and buggy transportation.

“As I paged through the recipes and poured over the photos in Gather around the Amish Table, I found myself thinking again and again, I’ve just got to try this! There are so many recipes in here just waiting to become new family favorites,” says Georgia Varozza, author of Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook.

Midwest Book Reviews says the book is a “prized and thoroughly ‘kitchen cook friendly’ addition to the family cookbook shelf.”

Lovella Schellenberg, one of the authors of Mennonite Girls Can Cook, says of Leid’s compilation: “Reading through the treasure of recipes allows a glimpse into the home life of a community that gathers around the table for fellowship, with thankfulness for the bounty that God has provided them.”

Gather around the Amish Table is available in paperback for $19.99 USD from MennoMedia at 800-245-7894 or www.MennoMedia.org, as well as at bookstores everywhere.

14-07-10 Amish Cookbook-35

MennoMedia Staff
High resolution photos available.

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Simply in Season: Tenth Anniversary Edition to be released in May

Studio Session Simply In Season-8147News Release
May 20, 2015

Popular cookbook adds new photography and menu guide

HARRISONBURG, Va., and KITCHENER, Ontario—Amid increased consumer demand for local foods and growing concern about processed food products, Simply in Season: Tenth Anniversary Edition invites readers to celebrate the gifts of garden, farm, and market around their tables.

The new edition of Simply in Season cookbook contains colorful photographs of seasonal dishes and an expanded fruit and vegetable guide that outlines every step of care for produce once it is out of the garden, from storage to preparation. Accompanying these descriptions are some identifying characteristics, nutrition facts, and selection guidelines for each fruit or vegetable.

Written by Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert, the cookbook will be released in late May and is part of the World Community Cookbook series published by Herald Press in cooperation with Mennonite Central Committee.

“Many excellent cookbooks have come along in support of the local food revolution, but there is still not a better one than this,” says Steven L. Hopp, coauthor of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle with his spouse, Barbara Kingsolver.

SIScover2015Originally published in 2005, the book has over 141,000 copies in print. Readers will still find the accessible recipes of the previous edition, along with stories that provide insight into the world of sustainability.

Menu suggestions frame each of the seasonally based chapters in this new edition, including a weeknight menu for quick preparation, a weekend menu for entertaining, and a vegetarian menu. In addition, qualifying recipes are now labelled as gluten-free or vegetarian for quicker identification.

While some parts of the cookbook have changed, the components of Simply in Season that first won a spot on kitchen shelves remain. The recipes are accompanied by anecdotes on such topics as sustainability and gardening practices. A recipe like Pork Apricot Skillet, for instance, includes information about how different farming conditions and diets affect animals. Another short piece looks at which fruits are easiest to grow at home.

The connection between food, people, and God is a central theme to Simply in Season. Studio Session Simply In Season-9809The cookbook is full of advice and suggestions. Graham Kerr, of The Galloping Gourmet, notes: “What you read here comes from a voice that is pastoral, not judgmental . . . expect to be lovingly challenged in your decision to eat what is fresh and in season.”

Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert coauthored the book, with help from submissions from all over North America. Lind is a nutritional consultant and dietician, and helped found a Christian retreat center called Mountain Retreat. She works as a market gardener in West Virginia. Hockman-Wert lives in Corvallis, Oregon, where she works as a journalist and is an avid farmers’ market shopper. Both authors show commitment to Simply in Season’s mission of sustainable, healthful food in their daily lives. The book was originally commissioned by Mennonite Central Committee, with the MCC portion of royalties helping nourish people around the world.

Catherine Walthers, author of Raising the Salad Bar and Greens, Glorious Greens, appreciates the book’s organization and style of recipes. She names it “an essential kitchen companion for all of us who love to get our food from our own backyard, local CSA, or farmers’ market—and always need new ideas. This is a book I will turn to over and over again. [Lind and Hockman-Wert have] put the recipes in the most organized, easy-to-use cookbook I’ve seen.”

Green Living Ottawa says of the book, “I’ve tried a few cookbooks that were advertised as ‘seasonal,’ but the only one to live up to its cover blurb has been Simply in Season.”

Studio Session Simply In Season-8016Simply in Season: Tenth Anniversary Edition hardcover/spiral edition is available for $24.99 USD from MennoMedia at 800-245-7894 or www.MennoMedia.org and at local bookstores.

High resolution photos available upon request.

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